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Soccer 2016 - Huawei

Soccer 2016

Experience pure soccer fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth...

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Red Sparrow - Huawei

Red Sparrow

Red Sparrowis the first original FTG game.Characters,the game scene,combat action adopt 3D...

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3D Final Cars - Huawei

3D Final Cars

1. 3D Final Car is the most exciting realistic 3D racing game. 2. How to play: Use missile...

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Monument Valley - Huawei

Monument Valley

1.Monument Valley is a puzzle game. 2. The player leads the princess Ida through mazes of...

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Tunes Holic  - Huawei

Tunes Holic

The best realtime rhythm action game with your favorite songs! Here is just the world of rhythm...

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Winner Soccer Evo - Huawei

Winner Soccer Evo

Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game. It includes the teams...

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Larva Crush - Huawei

Larva Crush

Funny Bugs is a mobile game authorized by South Korea’s animation Larva. It is the first...

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Master of Sudoku - Huawei

Master of Sudoku

Can't get enough of sudoku? Or just bored waiting and wanting to give your brain a spin? Then...

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Championship Rally 2014 - Huawei

Championship Rally...

Hit the tracks and turn up the speed, it’s time to take on Championship Rally 2014! Test...

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Pepper Connect - Huawei

Pepper Connect

Pepper connect is a puzzle game of simple-mechanic but very addictive. The objective of the...

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Angel VS Demon - Huawei

Angel VS Demon

Getting rid of the naughty devil has never been this fun, or challenging!Unlike other game...

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Super Tennis 3D - Huawei

Super Tennis 3D

Finally a tennis app that is both exciting and 3D!!!Love playing tennis but can't quite find...

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