Lucky Luke - Transcontinental RailRoad

Lucky Luke - Transcontinental RailRoad
Our story begins in the sprawling plains of the Great Basin in the American West. Construction of the railroad has been forging ahead after overcoming the challenge of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Unfortunately, the railroad has recently been plagued by repeated attacks from the infamous Dalton brothers in their determination to get their greedy hands on the stockpiles of construction resources.

Workers are terrified, work has ground to a halt and the railroad is in danger of slipping behind schedule. The West construction team will never make it to the rendezvous on time without your help!

Lucky Luke has been sent to boost the workers' morale and, with your help, oversee construction.

Key features :
• Use all your ingenuity to successfully build the railroad!
• Learn scores of anecdotes about the railroad and Lucky Luke
• 50 varied and challenging game levels
• Drive the Daltons away from the worksite!

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